Testimonials from some of my fantastic clients and collaborators 


"I meet Malcolm at Hyper Island there he was giving a presentation on change management and self-leadership. I was really impacted by the energy and warmth that he met the audience with and how he brought forward the message of the potential in self-leadership and personal development skills. 

Malcolm just doesn’t motivate you in your ambitions and career - he also challenges you to see the next level of it. I had the opportunity to get personal development coaching from Malcolm which I found to be very useful to address and engage with professional and personal challenges from new perspectives resulting in new and more rewarding outcomes on every level." 

Antonio Molin
Curator of Collections


"Malcolm builds activities to help even the most reticent attendees get the most from the networking opportunities and come away with new friends and business associates. He works tirelessly behind the scenes to allow speakers like me focus on their presentations. I love to attend meetings when Malcolm is involved!"

Jim Baston
Management Consultant, Trainer and Keynote Speaker
BBA Consulting  Group
Toronto Canada


"Malcolm is great at understanding the audience and creating engagement."

Johan Hallenberg
Student Hyper Island


"Great energy! Good insights!" 

Catarina Falkenhav
Sales and Marketing Director
Royal Swedish Opera 


"Surprising, thought provoking and a really great experience!" 

Nadine Ramsberg
Senior UX Designer


"The (Hustle & Serve) seminar was brilliant!" 

Mikael Weinstock
Weinstock Group


"....great charm and professionalism"

Satu Lokka
Digital Media Strategist 


"...I am blown away after our (Hustle & Serve) session!"

Emir Koldzo
Marketing Coordinator
Ikano Bank