Hustle & Serve Seminar



I created Hustle & Serve because all of my coaching clients came to me with the same basic desire - to experience more and contribute more.

They want to know how to influence change, manage effectively, become leaders and get things done.  

The principles taught in this course might be rooted in the business world, but in practice they are absolutely about personal growth and achievement. Being a leader and an influencer has nothing to do with a job title, it’s a decision you take because you want to contribute your gifts to the world.  

This workshop is about waking up to a new awareness of what’s possible for you.  We hustle so we can serve. 


The Program: The Four Pillars of Success  


Hustle and Serve is about the four pillars of effective contribution; Purpose, People, Process & Pitching During this energetic and interactive session:

  • you will learn the fundamental principles of effective leadership and take ownership of your own success

  • you will create a vision of the kind of leader you want to be and ground yourself in that vision, develop you communication skills and learn how to engage others in your vision. 


Part One – Purpose

Understand the true value of what you want to contribute and how to communicate it to anybody. Purpose is heart of every great idea.

Part Two – People  

How do you engage people into your mission and vision and influence change. People are the engine ideas need to move into the world.  

Part Three – Process

All contribution needs a vehicle to move into action and give it momentum. Process is the bridge between an idea and a result.  

Part Four – Pitching

All great leaders know how to use language to engage and influence others by mastering this art. Pitching is the language ideas need so they can be shared. 


Hustle & Serve Book


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