Workshop Facilitation



When companies have a kick-off, team building day or just want to create culture change, I am engaged to create a creative space where every person in the room has a voice and feels safe and empowered to speak and contribute to the deeper discussion.  

Facilitating discussions with larger teams requires an ability to move people from talking to action. To achieve this, I use ancient techniques known as “having immense fun” and “laughter” to give everyone involved a memorable experience.  

Dress in the smartest casual you can imagine including matching vintage watch.


Meeting Facilitation

I am regularly hosting meetings across Europe for corporate clients large and small to help them get closer to their key clients or to help bring team members from different regions together to consolidate plans and achieve targets.  

Meeting hosting allows the meeting to move outside of the normal boundaries of a regular client / staff meeting and have a masterclass style discussion. Because I am not a team member, I can ask more provocative questions and take the conversation in directions that bring compelling results. 

I am dressed for success -specifically your success.