There Are No Blind Dates in Business Anymore


Got a meeting set up with a client? A potential customer? Your bank manager? Job Interview?  

Guess what? They already have an opinion about you.  

They know all about you.  

They googled you.  

They Checked your LinkedIn, you Facebook, your Instagram and your twitter account.  

Remember that rant you had yesterday on social media about XYZ Corporation being truly evil? The person evaluating your CV read that and is now wondering if you are a safe hire.  

Than picture of you in a slinky swimsuit in Jamaica was viewed. Maybe even shared.  

Whatever the privacy settings allowed, they looked at it.  

They heard about you in the networking cocktails around town.  

Your customers posted their opinions about you online. God Yelp us all.  

So when you walk into that meeting you are up against the public image of yourself that was at the meeting before you got there.  

You’re pitching before you open your mouth.  

Everything counts all the time.  

There are no blind dates in business anymore because we made it that way.  

Be excellent because you truly care. Pay attention to details because you truly care. Post things because you truly care and stand up for what you truly believe in.  

Because then, if someone holds any of those things against you, it will be their problem not yours. 

Malcolm Larri